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What editors do

‘To make your writing the best it can be, it is a wise investment to have it professionally edited, especially if you are self publishing. Authors are too close to their work and often can’t spot weaknesses or errors in their writing that might annoy potential readers. For the best results, a manuscript should undergo Structural Editing (the big picture), Copy Editing (a closer look at the detail) and Proofreading (the final check).’
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Writers need editors

‘My experience and passion lies with helping writers (especially beginners), whether they are interested in self publishing, or want to present a polished manuscript to a potential publisher. Presenting an error-free and well-written MS to a potential publisher is imperative if you want your work to be regarded well. Writers need editors to help clearly convey their message to their intended audience. An editor is often the first person to read a manuscript.’
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PS Editing service

‘The author/editor relationship is based on trust. My communication with my clients is open, honest and timely. In this relationship, the important thing is the manuscript. The author and editor have a common goal – to make the manuscript as good as it can possibly be. I provide suggestions about how to improve your writing and do not interfere with the author’s voice. From the start of the relationship, I establish clear expectations with you, such as the level of editing required, your intended audience and your publishing goals.’
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Guide to The Three Stages of Editing

‘Did you know there are three stages in the editing process? Click here to help you understand which level(s) of editing your book requires.’
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PS Editing Service Self Publishing Manuscript Appraisals


“I found Patrice to be very helpful and approachable. She provided great feedback regarding structural and content editing.”
Dr Leah Stuckings
“As with my first book edited by Patrice in 2011, this has been a rewarding experience. Like a dog with a bone, she made sure the structure was right, removed all verbiage, and eschewed puffery and weasel words. The end result is a beautifully edited text! I can thoroughly recommend PS Editing.”
Professor Neville Marsh
“After working with Patrice, I have been offered my first publishing contract for my novel! Her report was concise and gave clear insight into the issues to be considered. She provided me with comprehensive mark-ups throughout the manuscript which allowed me to understand. Her supportive and timely feedback was invaluable.”
Sarah Fisher
“From my first meeting with Patrice I felt very confident that my book would be in the best hands. She was positive, respectful, honest and supportive with a dash of lovely humor. The end result was thorough and accurate. Many thanks Patrice.”
Jane Deakin
“Thank you for your editorial skills and your patient encouraging manner. You have an astuteness and diligence not given to everyone; the ability to lift a manuscript to a polished level while gently showing, rather than telling the writer how to improve. The professional development to me as a writer has been significant.”
Jim Reay
“Patrice Shaw edited the final novel in my ‘Daughters of the Wind’ series, and did a great job. Her phrasing and dialogue suggestions were very appreciated, as was her attention to plot detail, which saw improvements in the structure and consistency. Patrice was a thorough professional and is very easy to work with. I highly recommend PS Editing.”
Carmel Rowley
“Patrice Shaw was our first choice as editor for our first anthology and our faith was justified. She gave us truly professional assistance and advice. As a result our book was a success and sold out at our launch. A professional with a human touch.”
Nancy Cox-Milliner, Writers of Seville
“Patrice is a pleasure to work with. From the beginning she has been friendly, punctual and professional with all communications. She provides fair, insightful comments which an author can implement and have confidence their manuscript will have a new shine. Patrice’s keen insight and genuine support has improved my writing level and knowledge of the publishing industry. I would recommend Patrice to new and established authors in a heartbeat.” Josh Taylor
“Thank you for your wonderful support and help in completing my book. You have made my first attempt at this such an easy task. I am really grateful to you.” Marie Meyer
“Ever stared at your book draft wondering if it was good enough? Wondering what more you could do? I know I have. I needed a great editor and I got one. I can say, without hesitation, that working with Patrice is an uplifting experience. Patrice is magic with words and shares her passion and expertise about language, getting through the process of copy editing and proof reading with the minimum of fuss. Patrice fine-tuned my manuscript into an easy polished read for my audience… and my story came alive.” Chrissy Tetley, author

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‘I provide the right balance between advice, corrections and keeping your work intact. Comprehensive mark-ups, pointing out issues and inconsistencies, with clear insights for your consideration are all done in a professional and respectful manner, to lift your manuscript to a polished level for publication and sales. Please contact me for an informal chat today about your writing project.’