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A story about murder and love with supernatural themes. Villain poses the question, Is taking a life always wrong even when the reason is so undeniably right?

When There’s No one There

Fantasy fiction for young adult readers with supernatural elements

Dear Yvonne

Fiction novel for a general audience about adoption laws in Australia in the 1950s and how they affected all parties concerned.

St Mary The Virgin Church – Faith, Hope, Music

The history of a 150-year-old church at Kangaroo Point in Brisbane, nicknamed ‘the ‘Wedding Chapel’, including stories about parishioners, priests, local residents and the suburb in which it resides.
‘Over a long career I have written a few articles and reports, but nothing prepared me for the shock of book writing. By chance I found Patrice Shaw from PS Editing and the weight and fear was lifted. Patrice is meticulous with her editing and managing her business.

Her editing is of the highest professional standard. When she says something will be completed it is. Her wide knowledge and experience allows her to be able to discuss structure and style on any work she handles.

After three books, two professional articles and a creative writing short story in an anthology have been edited for me by Patrice, I can attest she is the best.’ Pat Comben

The St Mary’s book can be purchased from:
St Mary’s Anglican Church – email: or phone: 07 3391 4071 or by emailing the author:

Alone – A Sailor’s Life by Greg Currie

Join Greg Currie on his adventures on the high seas as he sails solo from Australia to South Africa in his 22-foot yacht, Bekka.
To purchase, email author directly at or see the Facebook link opposite.
‘Patrice is a very thorough and knowledgeable editor and copy editor. Her suggestions are always well-informed and reliable. Highly recommend her services.’ Elisabeth Wheeler
‘From the very beginning it has been a joy to work with Patrice. Not only is she friendly and encouraging but she is an excellent editor. She guided me through the structural and copy editing to the end result, which was something worth publishing. If my book is received well, a large part of it will be because of Patrice. I would recommend anyone who wants to improve their work to take advantage of Patrice’s skills and knowledge.’ Greg Currie

The Chess Board by Jim Reay

A spy mystery set in Queensland and the debut novel of local writer, Jim Reay.

Searching for Siobhan by Jim Reay

When a Brisbane maths teacher goes searching for his missing housemate, he uncovers more than he could ever imagine. For lovers of mysteries and suspense novels.

The Run by Jim Reay

A gripping thriller involving spies and international terrorism that is both thought-provoking and educational.

Roller Coaster by Jim Reay

Set in the year 2030, Roller Coaster, is a glimpse into a potential future without technology. This book is a gripping thriller starring some of the characters from The Run.

The Napoleon Curse by Jim Reay

A fast-paced action thriller with multiple storylines and an international cast of characters.

The Guanaco Affair by Jim Reay

A crime story involving abduction and murder on Queensland’s Gold Coast with links back to Argentina and the war in the Falkland Islands.

Prime Minister by Accident by Jim Reay

A murder mystery set against the backdrop of Australian politics which will challenge you to think outside the box.

The Most Avoided Questions by Jim Reay

A book to be read and pondered over, it asks the hard questions about how we make moral decisions.
‘Thank you for your editorial skills and your patient encouraging manner. You have an astuteness and diligence not given to everyone; the ability to lift a manuscript to a polished level while gently showing, rather than telling, the writer how to improve. Not only has your input improved my manuscript, but the professional development to me as a writer has been significant.’ Jim Reay

Jointers by RC Legion and J DeSterling

If horror is your thing, then Jointers is the perfect choice for your next read. This illustrated novel about a rock star with a god complex is both hair-raising and often gruesome but will also make you laugh out loud. Available to purchase in select Dymocks stores and from Amazon.
‘As co-authors who are striving to create a unique and different story, we credit Patrice for her skill, knowledge, and patience in guiding us through to achieving the book that we most wanted to write. We had complete trust in her and were not disappointed at all. We look forward to working with Patrice again as we continue to create other books in the series.’ Red C. Legion and Jonathan DeSterling

Joe Slaughter’s Big Year by Tom McSweeny

A coming-of-age tale about a country boy who moves to the big smoke in Brisbane of the 1970s where he learns many life lessons. A must-read for born-and-bred Brisbane locals.
‘PS Editing made my first professional editing experience easier than expected. Patrice is precise and diligent in her processes but has a pleasant and helpful approach to the task. The sometimes subtle and small changes throughout the structural edit were well received and have turned the manuscript into a better flowing story. I’m more than happy to use her services in the future.’ Tom McSweeny

Hope in his Heart by Margaret Elliott

This book charts the journey of a young lad from convicted criminal to successful emancipist in colonial Queensland – a refreshing twist on the usual convict stories that focus on cruelty and suffering.
‘Publishing your first book is a daunting task. Patrice’s mentoring during the entire editing process enlightened me about ‘good writing’ and how to engage readers. She is also an amazing blurb writer. Many thanks again, Patrice.’ Margaret Elliott, Author

The 13th Key

The 13th Key is Sarah’s first book in her fantasy series for young adults. Sarah’s novels stand out from other books in this competitive genre due to their originality, humour and distinct author’s voice.

Firestone by Sarah Fisher

Sarah Fisher has self-published Firestone, the second book in her Dragonscale series. The sequel to The 13th Key, it is fast paced and highly imaginative – the perfect read for lovers of fantasy. It is available now from Amazon as an ebook.

Redemption by Sarah Fisher

The final book in the Dragonscale series, Sarah takes her readers on a journey between different worlds to save a planet from total destruction.

Wehrdragon – Liberation

An action-packed sci-fi fantasy tale for young adult readers complete with dragons, portals to strange planets, and a trio of teenagers embroiled in a fight for their lives.

Wehrdragon – Alliance

Sarah Fisher is back with part 2 of her Wehrdragon series. Find out what Elvira, Felix and Liberty get up to in this action-packed sci-fi fantasy.
‘Patrice’s report was concise and gave clear insight into the issues to be considered. She also provided me with comprehensive mark-ups throughout the manuscript which allowed me to understand the issues she identified. Her supportive and timely feedback was invaluable.’ Sarah Fisher

A Clear Vision – Mrs Janet O’Connor and the Duporth School for Young Women, Oxley, Queensland by Elisabeth Wheeler

This biography, about a woman ahead of her time regarding education for girls, is also a history of the educational, social and political values of the late 1800s in Brisbane.

Available from InHouse Bookstore
Also, directly from the author –

‘Patrice is a very thorough and knowledgeable editor and copy editor. Her suggestions are always well-informed and reliable. Highly recommend her services.’ Elisabeth Wheeler

Newbies in the Cafe by Dr Judy Gregory

A book for café dreamers. It explores the pros and cons of café ownership in Australia, using 11 case studies as examples.


Rue the Curious Emu by Ruby Purple

Gorgeously illustrated in the colours of the Australian outback, this children’s book is presented in rhyme and will delight littlies from kindy to prep.
Patrice is a pleasure to work with; her talent and skill with words is a breath of fresh air, and definitely resulted in a positive outcome for my project. I’m so grateful for her expertise.
Ruby Purple – Author.

Tales from Australian Travellers by Joyce Will

A collection of short stories written over a lifetime of writing and to be enjoyed by all.


A Wigwam for a Goose’s Bridle by Dorothy Catherine Bowden

A quirky, humorous story with a host of colourful characters in an Australian setting.


The Beyond a Joke Series

by Kate Pennington

A series of children’s books that raise awareness about bullying and teach children how to cope with this universal problem.

Book 1: Amelia and Camelia Make a Great Team by Kate Pennington

Book 2:Don’t Stare at my Underwear – It’s Rude by Kate Pennington

A series of children’s books that raise awareness about bullying and teach children how to cope with this universal problem.


Which is it? by Marie Meyer

A practical book by a learning support specialist aimed at children who struggle with reading due to letter reversal issues.


DesignThinkingDrawing by Peter Richards

A hardback book all about building design principles for architecture students and lovers of design.


The Rainbow Kite by Maria Dektereva-Plant

A charming children’s story about friendship and teamwork.

Breastfeeding Works

The title says it all. A comprehensive book about the power of breastfeeding for new mothers and health care workers.

Man of Steel by Jane Deakin

A non-fiction book about the rise of Evans Deakin Industries and one of its founding fathers, AJ Deakin. Written by AJ’s granddaughter, many Brisbane locals will recognise the iconic landmarks engineered by EDI that shaped the Brisbane of today.
Order via email:
‘From my first meeting with Patrice I felt very confident that my book would be in the best hands. She was positive, respectful, honest and supportive with a dash of lovely humor. The end result was thorough and accurate. Many thanks Patrice.’ Jane Deakin
editing and publishing

Moggill State School – Celebrating 150 years by Neville Marsh

This beautifully designed hard cover book charts the history of Moggill State School from its beginning on 12 February 1866 through to the present day. The ups and downs, successes and achievements are all included, from devastation of buildings by white ants and fire, the threat of closure through diminished enrollments to the success of former students, whether they are international models, fashion designers, sports personalities or the current Purple Wiggle!
Enquiries for orders can be sent to
‘As with my first book edited by Patrice in 2011, this has been a rewarding experience. Like a dog with a bone, she made sure the structure was right, removed all verbiage, and eschewed puffery and weasel words. It may have hurt at the time but the end result is a beautifully edited text! I can thoroughly recommend PS Editing.’
Professor Neville Marsh

Island in the Flood by Neville Marsh

The story of the Bellbowrie, Moggill and Anstead 2011 floods
Available in the reference sections of the State Library of Queensland, Fryer Research Library at the University of Queensland and the Chermside, Holland Park, Indooroopilly, Toowong and Kenmore libraries.
‘Working with Patrice was an absolute delight. She took me through the editorial stages of my writing with great skill and purpose. She steered a perfect course between editorial corrections on the one hand and keeping the sense of the work intact on the other. My book benefited enormously from her contribution.’ Professor Neville Marsh

I Can Throw A Tantrum Too! by Angelina Carriera

Just one of a series of picture books by this talented author. With their brilliant illustrations and stories with heart, these books are for children of all ages, either to read alone or to share with someone special.


Outside-in by Mick Gallogly

A unique novel about belonging and acceptance that will make you think, laugh and maybe, even cry.

Run Your Own Race by Bill Bransdon

A confronting novel that shines a spotlight on Australia’s Stolen Generation and one young girl’s fight to break free.
To purchase, contact the author directly on (07) 4156 1372.


Forever a Country Boy by Patrick A Duignan

A memoir

The Duignan Family in History (1296-2017)

A family history
‘Patrice Shaw recently edited my memoirs (over 300 pages) and I am very appreciative of her friendly but very professional approach to her work. Having been the writer or co-writer of five international selling books with different publishers, including Cambridge University Press, I can state without qualification that she has been the best editor (efficient, thorough, professional) with which I have worked. Thanks Patrice and I look forward to working with you in the future.’ Professor Emeritus Patrick Duignan


House Rules by James MengelA murder mystery novella and possibly the first of its kind.
‘Patrice was an incredible help with the preparation for publication of my first novella, House Rules. She not only edited the text, but also pointed out inconsistencies in the plot and characterisations and gave suggestions for improving the style and format of the writing. I could not have been more satisfied with her input.’ James Mengel

Hungry Beast Theory (Capital Project) by G de Silva
A tongue-in-cheek look at the bureaucratic, business and professional world of Canberra in the 1990s

‘Patrice gave me detailed markups, helpful comments on the storyline, and advice on the structure and flow of the novel. As a first-time publisher, her assistance was crucial to making the book worth publishing.’ Gerard da Silve
Winds of Time by Carmel Rowley – 3rd book in the Daughters of the Wind Series by Queensland author.
‘Patrice Shaw edited the final novel in my ‘Daughters of the Wind’ series Winds of Time and did a great job. Her phrasing and dialogue suggestions were very appreciated, as was her attention to plot detail, which saw improvements in the structure and assisted me from making inconsistencies. Patrice was a thorough professional and is very easy to work with. I highly recommend PS Editing.’ Carmel Rowley
Ripples and Reflections – A collection of short stories by The Writers of Seville, published by Boolarong Press
‘Patrice Shaw was our first choice as editor for our first anthology and our faith was justified. She gave us truly professional assistance and advice. As a result our book was a success and sold out at our launch. A professional with a human touch.’ Nancy Cox-Milliner, Writers of Seville


The Weekend Cash Call by Lily Burgess

Book 3 in the Words from Daddy’s Mouth series of children’s books

The Brandings Game by Lily Burgess

Book 4 in the Words from Daddy’s Mouth series of children’s books
‘Patrice worked with us through the trials and tribulations as well as our various changes in ideas and remained patient and considerate through the process. We appreciate the time and energy that she provided to us as well as her insights.’ Dyan, Creative Director
The Curse of Wexkia by Dale Furse – Book 1 in the Wexkia trilogy – YA fantasy
The Secret of Wexkia by Dale Furse – Book 2 in the Wexkia trilogy
Reproductively Challenged – A Survival Guide by Dr Leah Stuckings – With its practical strategies and case studies, this book is for anyone who is having trouble falling pregnant.
‘I found Patrice to be very helpful and approachable. She provided great feedback regarding structural and content editing’ Dr Leah Stuckings


Beyond the Dust: A Gardening Journal by Lindy Hardie
An outback gardening journal.
Contact Lindy at

The Lone Wolf at Cover by John Michell

The Lone Wolf at Cover is a British spy thriller set during the Cold War – a bit like James Bond but more realistic. It’s available at Amazon as an ebook or paperback.
‘Patrice performed several copy edits of drafts of my novel The Lone Wolf at Cover. I was a first time author. The advice she gave, her eagle eye for typos and grammatical errors, and extensive knowledge of the book writing business were indispensable to arriving at my finished product. Patrice was a pleasure to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend her to any aspiring author.’ John Michell, Brisbane

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‘I provide the right balance between advice, corrections and keeping your work intact. Comprehensive mark-ups, pointing out issues and inconsistencies, with clear insights for your consideration are all done in a professional and respectful manner, to lift your manuscript to a polished level for publication and sales. Please contact me for an informal chat today about your writing project.’

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