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The Chess Board by Jim Reay

A spy mystery set in Queensland and the debut novel of local writer, Jim Reay.

Searching for Siobhan by Jim Reay

When a Brisbane maths teacher goes searching for his missing housemate, he uncovers more than he could ever imagine. For lovers of mysteries and suspense novels.

The Run by Jim Reay

A gripping thriller involving spies and international terrorism that is both thought-provoking and educational.

Roller Coaster by Jim Reay

Set in the year 2030, Roller Coaster, is a glimpse into a potential future without technology. This book is a gripping thriller starring some of the characters from The Run.

The Napoleon Curse by Jim Reay

A fast-paced action thriller with multiple storylines and an international cast of characters.

The Guanaco Affair by Jim Reay

A crime story involving abduction and murder on Queensland’s Gold Coast with links back to Argentina and the war in the Falkland Islands.

Prime Minister by Accident by Jim Reay

A murder mystery set against the backdrop of Australian politics which will challenge you to think outside the box.

The Most Avoided Questions by Jim Reay

A book to be read and pondered over, it asks the hard questions about how we make moral decisions.
‘Thank you for your editorial skills and your patient encouraging manner. You have an astuteness and diligence not given to everyone; the ability to lift a manuscript to a polished level while gently showing, rather than telling, the writer how to improve. Not only has your input improved my manuscript, but the professional development to me as a writer has been significant.’ Jim Reay

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