2016 Brisbane Writers Group Convention

Last Sunday, I attended the 2016 Brisbane Writers Group Convention where local writers met to hear an eclectic mix of speakers talking about writing, editing, publishing, book covers, book distributors, agents and of course, writers groups.

My first editing job was editing a magazine for the oldest surviving writers group in Queensland, the Fellowship of Australian Writers Queensland (FAWQ). I saw first hand how a writers group can help writers of all levels from beginners through to experienced, published writers. Writing is a solitary business and having a support network to discuss problems with and bounce ideas off, is a lifesaver.

Meeting with like-minded people who understand the ups and downs of being a writer is good for the soul and a wonderful motivator. Belonging to a writers group also helps to keep up to date with what is happening in the literary/publishing world which is changing so fast, it’s difficult to keep on top of everything.

Many local libraries have information on how to find a writers group that suits you. Some set homework, others have guest speakers at their meetings, and some focus on a particular genre such as fantasy or romance. Often, members are asked to read their work out loud to the group which may seem daunting, but how else will you improve your craft? I would encourage anyone who loves writing to seek out a writers group and take advantage of all the benefits they offer.